Tara-Nicholle Nelson with Alyssa Merwin at Changemaker Chats SF

Tara is the Founder and CEO of Transformational Consumer Insights (TCI), a strategy and consumer research firm. TCI creates consumer loyalty/engagement, brand, positioning and content strategies based on research and deep, human insight. Along with her story, Tara shared insights from her recent book: “The Transformational Consumer” and taught us all how we can better tell our stories.

Here are just a few of the many powerful lessons we learned from Tara:

Know and trust your purpose: Tara’s purpose is to lift people up and help them be who they need to be. Her purpose guides her through her decisions professionally, even if that means that she is doing something outside the norm. It can be scary, but Tara has found that things work out and over time, it has become easier to follow her purpose.

Write, write, write: Journaling every morning changed her life. For Tara, the morning juice and green tea routine includes a few minutes (at the very least) of writing. It serves as her daily emotional windshield wiper. Writing her books helped her think even more deeply. If you want to try it with her, she runs a 30-day writing challenge. Learn more here.

Learn to tell your story and own your brand: Tara is a sexy, black, church lady and she owns it. She knows there are many ways to tell her story. She could focus on anything, but she chooses to empower herself through her story and personal brand. You should, too.

Make some space: Don’t let identity get caught up in a brand. Do what you are drawn to. Create space in between transition stages of your life to allow for miraculous things to happen. Tara classifies all careers and life experiences into a Farmer’s World View, meaning everything in life has a season. If something isn’t optimal, figure out how to make it optimal or prune it. Free up space for something amazing to happen.

Take some time: Tara takes a week every quarter to reflect and write. She spends a few days getting in the flow and then dives into that next big project.

Clarity comes from action, reflection, feeling: You won’t get clarity from thinking — only doing. You have to be willing to try things and be flexible.

People want to be healthy, wealthy, and wise: In her new book, Tara talks about transformations consumers as people who eagerly buy products and consume content in order to further their never-ending efforts to change their behavior in a healthier, wiser, and wealthier direction. Though an important market segment, in this book, Tara is really talking about the transformational leader in each of us.

If you or someone know you is in need of creating some space to allow for miraculous next steps in your life, check out Tara’s Strategic Sabbaticals. The next one is in October. Will we see you there?