“Why postpone what you want to do?” – A Conversation with Karen Peacock 

Karen Peacock shared her keys to succeeding both personally and professionally and advised us to reflect on the situations that bring out the best in us, and to seek more of those opportunities.

Invest time in friendships.
As we discuss the theme of Community this month, one personal community that we can look to is our friendships. Women friends are an important part of life – even though we are all crazy busy, our friends can relate to difficulties faced at home and at work. Girlfriends are an important part of the puzzle as we navigate through difficult times, especially if we feel like we are failing in certain aspects of life. By being open, friends can help you laugh through the difficult times by sharing similar stories, giving you a sense of camaraderie and security that you are not alone.

Line your ladder up against the wall you want to climb.
Looking to change career paths, but fear doing so means taking a salary or title cut? Don’t hesitate! Even if this detour means a slight delay to your desired goal, never postpone what you want to do. Be persistent. If you can’t find a solution to your problem, realize you can always find a way — it just may take time. Keep in mind that perhaps you haven’t found a solution yet. Work backwards, brainstorm, and whittle down the possibilities to determine the tools you need to solve for the yet in achieving your goals.

Inspire others to give you the respect that you deserve.
Be purposeful and intentional in your actions, and give off the vibe you want to portray. Whatever that balance may be, stay true to who you are and the person you want to be.

Bring out the best in others around you.
There is something special and magical about every person, and we can learn from everyone on the planet. If we focus on being our best and bringing out the best in those around us, great things will happen. Why give only half of our efforts when we can make the most of it?

If you haven’t been failing, then you aren’t pushing yourself.
Reflect back on everything you did over the course of a defined period of time, and identify the things you did that made a big difference. Take advantage of your 20 / 20 hindsight, and work towards doing more of the things that made the biggest impact, and less of the things that didn’t place at the top of your list. Don’t be afraid of failures or setbacks — sometimes the lessons we learn in those situations can lead us to our next milestone.

Ask for what you want.
Be prepared for conversations regarding your career trajectory, and be ready to ask for what you want. Maybe this is for a salary negotiation, or next steps to a promotion. Do research and run through every possible scenario so that when the time comes, someone is advocating for you and your goals.