What would happen if we actually loved our jobs?

Cammie Dunaway, global executive, strategist, board member, and author, is here to tell us in the first chat of 2018.

Throughout her career as an executive for Frito Lay, Yahoo!, Nintendo, and KidZanie, Cammie has earned a stellar reputation as a brand-builder and inspirational leader. To share what she’s learned, she recently wrote the book “Fit Matters.” We’ll be talking with the woman behind the new hit book who has plenty of experience and great guidance to share.

Cammie Dunaway | Global Executive | Strategist | Board Member | Author

When: Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Arrival: 6:00pm

Chat: 6:30pm

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About Cammie

Cammie Dunaway is a Global Chief Marketing Officer, Brand Consultant and Public Board member who is passionate about helping companies and brands fulfill their potential.  She most recently served as U.S. President and Global Chief Marketing Officer of KidZania, a global leader in children’s education and entertainment.  Previously, she served as Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Nintendo and as Chief Marketing Officer at Yahoo! after having spent more than a decade within various leadership positions with Frito-Lay. Dunaway sits on the Board of Directors for Red Robin, Inc., Planet Fitness, and Go Health.

In most jobs she has thrived, but in a few she has not.  This experience led her to contemplate and then to research what it is that creates a good match between personal needs and aspirations and corporate values.  She has learned how to optimize for fit in her own career and is eager to share this hard-earned wisdom with others.

Dunaway has been featured and quoted in a variety of media, including Ad Age, CIO, CNet, Forbes, Game Source, IGN, New York Daily News, The New Yorker, USA Today, and Venture Beat. A frequent presenter, she has spoken in front of groups at the Conference Board’s Summit on Corporate Brand and Reputation, Harker School TEDx, and Venture Beats Growth Conference, as well as for audiences at such organizations as General Mills, LinkedIn, PayPal, and Unilever.

Her MBA is from Harvard Business School.