“Get comfortable with the uncomfortable” – Cammie Dunaway

We gathered around to hear the powerful and inspiring stories behind Cammie Dunaways’ successes, as well as lessons she has learned on finding the right fit, professionally. Here are our favorite snippets. 

Tips for Success
Finding the right fit professionally isn’t always easy. Criteria for success is often about going after something you’re not necessarily comfortable with and Cammie says she felt like she was most successful after she’s made courageous decisions.

“Define success for yourself and your heart.”  When you’re juggling work, a high pressure environment, and family, you may not view success as the most powerful, most compensated job that your talents can get you into. Instead, you are going to have as great of an impact you can in the space you have created. “It’s important to shift from holding success criteria and judge success by balance.”

On Leadership
It’s about delivering on what you say you will do and surrounding yourself around others who are passionate. You can’t control circumstances, but you can control how you respond. Learn something you know nothing about, this will help build your confidence.

Finding the right FIT
“Pay attention to what you need, reflect on what brings you joy, and take steps towards that. You deserve to love what you do.”

Not only is it important to be empathetic to the consumers you serve, but to each other as well. We need to support each other, we are going to have our own paths. Refrain from judgement and jealousy or the “judgemonster” as Cammie refers to it. It’s too easy to compare yourselves to others and the decisions we make in our professional lives, as parents, and so on.

Cammie Dunaway is a Global Executive, Strategy Consultant, Board Member, and author of “Fit Matters: How to Love your Job