Ana Perez joined us for our third Changemaker Chat, hosted by Capital Factory. The conversation covered the benefits of creating your personal advisory board, the many intersectional facets of being a Latina in business, and reclaiming loca from people who think you’re “intense.” We were so honored to host Ana and to hear about her experience as director of ThinktankHUB, commerical director to Arden Media, consultant to Sean Parker’s theAudience, creator of the BIY LATAM Conference, and overall incredible changemaker.

Here are some of the highlights:

Break money taboos with other women.  

Ana is no-holds-barred when it comes to money talk, a taboo Americans are all too familiar with. She’s made it a point to speak candidly about numbers–beginning with educating herself about the ins and outs of negotiation and budgets, and then continuing money conversations with women at work. Ana stresses the importance of assigning a money-educated woman–preferably in the finance industry–to your personal advisory board.

Advisory boards aren’t just for companies.

Early on, Ana learned she could get more done in less amount of time with a solid group of go-to women in her corner. What she calls personal advisory boards, Ana spoke on the different roles women should hold in your life. From finance to legal to pure support system, personal advisory boards should be comprised of women who understand your success is their success (and vice versa).

Reclaim your self-confidence and deepen your ambition.

While Ana has always been a fearless doer, her advice to women who want to deepen their ambition is to begin with reclaiming your self-confidence. She spoke of overcoming stereotypes others placed on her–being called loca and “intense”–and channeling her energies into better-spent habits like getting to work before her boss (a lesson she learned from her own mentor). Ana also delved into the nuanced challenges particular to Latinas (such as surviving politics in a third world country) and how they increased her resiliency.

The importance of creativity and innovation…

…in everything you do. Leaders in the 21st century hold the responsibility of not only driving these initiatives, but fostering opportunities for future leaders to do the same.

Help other women.

It’s simple, but Ana emphasizes helping other women in order to make the world a better place.