Dr. Joanne Goodwin 

Women's History Professor at UNLV

lv lv Jun 6

Lisa Tanzer

‎President - ‎Life is Good

ma ma May 26, 2018

Ana Perez

Director, Thinktank HUB

tx tx May 23

Morra Aarons-Mele

Author & Founder, Women Online

ma ma May 22

Laura Sutphen

Head of Social Purpose, Golin

chi chi May 21

Pia Carusone

Co-Founder, Republic Restoratives

dc dc May 16

Mariam Naficy

Founder & CEO of Minted

sf sf May 14

Karen de Bartolomé

Founding Executive Director, WorldDenver

bo bo May 12, 2018

Kristin Kahle

Founder and CEO of NavigateHCR

sd sd May 12, 2018

Sarah LaFleur

Founder and CEO MM.LaFleur

tx tx May 1

Brette Sadler

VP of Partnerships, UFC

lv lv Apr 10, 2018

Jackie Reed

CEO, TS Restaurants

sd sd Apr 7, 2018