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NYC Recap: Changemaker Chat with Bernadette Aulestia

Be Bold and Ask For It: A Conversation with Bernadette Aulestia  Bernadette Aulestia is the mentor we need in our lives. Sitting in the beautiful Hearst Tower, she told us about her professional journey – navigating through corporate politics, building her network of cheerleaders, and what she learned from watching “the dude on the couch getting promoted.” Here are a few of… Read more →

Boulder Recap: Changemaker Chat with Isabel McDevitt

Isabel McDevitt is the Executive Director of Boulder Bridge House. We sat down with her to learn what she does everyday and how she helps others who are experiencing homelessness. Believe In The Power Of The Individual I feel fortunate to have been raised in a family that celebrated confidence. My father was a champion of girls and I have lot… Read more →

London Recap: Changemaker Chat with Doina Harris

Quirky and colourful, Doina Harris started her career in finance and consulting, industries where she didn’t always fit the cultural mould. She later took a chance and moved into technology, an area where she didn’t have any prior experience. Rather than confining yourself to a set industry, Doina passionately believes that you should instead look for companies where you can truly be yourself because these are the places where you… Read more →

San Diego Recap: Changemaker Chat with Kristin Carroll

At the inaugural San Diego based Changemaker Chat, Kristin shared her journey through the advertising, non-profit, and business worlds and showed passion for succeeding in various cultures along the way. Below are a few thoughtful takeaways:  Early goals sometimes come to life years later. After being told by her Mom in high school that she could not be starving artist,… Read more →

SF Recap: Changemaker Chat with Dafina Toncheva

  “Stick to what’s true to you.” An evening on individuality with Dafina Toncheva Our latest Chat with Dafina Toncheva started off a bit differently than others. Rather than beginning with a glimpse into Dafina’s early career, we took it back even further – to her childhood years. Transformation starts at an early age. Dafina’s childhood and teenage years were shaped by… Read more →

Ambassador Aurelia Erskine Brazeal

DC Recap: Changemaker Chat with Ambassador Brazeal

Changemaker Chats DC had the honor of hosting Ambassador Brazeal and learning from the lessons she has taken away from her career. And what’s one of the most important takeaways? Having fun but also speaking your truth! While our team at Changemaker Chats DC hesitates to speak for all the ladies in our network, it’s safe to say that what… Read more →

Boston Recap: Changemaker Chat with Nima Eshghi

“If a little voice in your head is telling you there’s something else out there, don’t ignore it.” Coming from a background that most would consider different from their own, Nima is used to uncomfortable and, at times, awkward questions. She’s been asked many times about her family heritage, her sexual orientation and even the logistics of her pregnancy. But each time… Read more →

Boulder Recap: Changemaker Chat with Cammie Dunaway

“Get comfortable with the uncomfortable” – Cammie Dunaway We gathered around to hear the powerful and inspiring stories behind Cammie Dunaways’ successes, as well as lessons she has learned on finding the right fit, professionally. Here are our favorite snippets.  Tips for Success Finding the right fit professionally isn’t always easy. Criteria for success is often about going after something you’re not necessarily comfortable… Read more →

Gloria Feldt

NYC Recap: Changemaker Chat with Gloria Feldt

“Wear The Shirt”: A Conversation with Gloria Feldt Gloria Feldt has been called the “Voice of Experience” by People Magazine and we couldn’t agree more. In a packed house at HBO, walls adorned with posters to some of our favorite shows, Gloria captivated us with her remarkable story like any hour of primetime. From teen mom and high school dropout to president and CEO of Planned Parenthood… Read more →

London Recap: Changemaker Chat with Farah Ramzan Golant

An Evening with Farah Ramzan Golant Last week we heard from Farah Ramzan Golant, a fierce, inspiring (and yet gently self-aware) truth-teller who has spent 27 years working in the global creative industry. She’s held CEO posts at two major media companies, served on the Prime Minister’s business advisory group, and now, as the CEO of Girl Effect, she steers… Read more →