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London Recap: Changemaker Chat with Farah Ramzan Golant

An Evening with Farah Ramzan Golant Last week we heard from Farah Ramzan Golant, a fierce, inspiring (and yet gently self-aware) truth-teller who has spent 27 years working in the global creative industry. She’s held CEO posts at two major media companies, served on the Prime Minister’s business advisory group, and now, as the CEO of Girl Effect, she steers… Read more →

Boston Recap: Changemaker Chat with Sarah Coppersmith

We should all be so lucky as to do something we love. Thank you to those who joined Changemaker Chats Boston for our chat with Sarah Coppersmith. What started as a last-minute effort to find a replacement speaker ended up being a real treat for us all. Sarah Coppersmith is an impressively confident woman, having learned from strong mentors – both male… Read more →

NYC Recap: Changemaker Chat with June Cohen

Everything is Possible with June Cohen “As a “half inventor and half story teller,” June Cohen has built an impressive career in media and technology through her vast experiences at TED as employee #5 and most recently as CEO of “Wait, What?,” a first-of-its-kind content incubator. Coming together in the house of Chanel USA, June taught the Changemaker NYC community… Read more →

DC Recap: Changemaker Chat with Portia Wu

Don’t be afraid of failure…learn from it. This month’s theme is growth, and here at Changemaker Chats DC, we had the honor of hearing from Portia Wu, former Assistant Secretary of Labor for Employment and Training. In a sold-out room, Portia made us laugh, think, but most importantly learn lessons on how to deal with growth and make the most of every… Read more →

NYC Recap: Changemaker Experience with Sallie Krawcheck and Matt Wallaert

What it will take to close the gender pay gap: A conversation with Sallie Krawcheck and Matt Wallaert Let’s get one thing straight — women will not be equal until we are financially equal. Thanks to activists and entrepreneurs like Sallie Krawcheck and Matt Wallaert, this message was loud and clear for attendees at our last Changemaker Experience in New York… Read more →

London Recap: Changemaker Chat with Erin McLaughlin

Stories of Transformation and Courage: An Evening with Erin McLaughlin Even from a young age Erin knew she wanted to be an investigative reporter. As a kid she went door to door selling a self published newspaper, and during college she threw herself into reporting on campus news. In 2003 she joined CNN’s San Francisco office as an intern before heading to Atlanta to work as a researcher on an international assignment… Read more →

Tara-Nicholle Nelson

SF Recap: Changemaker Chat with Tara-Nicholle Nelson

Tara is the Founder and CEO of Transformational Consumer Insights (TCI), a strategy and consumer research firm. TCI creates consumer loyalty/engagement, brand, positioning and content strategies based on research and deep, human insight. Along with her story, Tara shared insights from her recent book: “The Transformational Consumer” and taught us all how we can better tell our stories. Here are just… Read more →

NYC Recap: Changemaker Chat with Majora Carter

“Not Now” Doesn’t Mean “Not Ever” From pursuing a career in filmmaking to becoming an urban revitalization and economic development strategist, Majora Carter shared her transformative journey, taking us through how she overcame hurdles, dealt with the haters, empowered and transformed the communities in which she works, and how she grew to become a confident and fearless leader. In the… Read more →

Boston Recap: Changemaker Chat with Lisa Tanzer

Life is Good. Lisa Tanzer is Great.  “You can either focus on the negative in life, or you can focus on the positive,” said Lisa Tanzer, president of Life is Good and inaugural speaker of Changemaker Chats Boston. We choose positive. Welcome to Changemaker Chats Boston, and thank you to those who joined us on a gorgeous spring evening for… Read more →

NYC Recap: Changemaker Chat with Angela Guy

Happiness, Prosperity, and Health: The Personal Business Plan According to Angela Guy We all know about business plans, but what about a personal business plan.. for the business of YOU? Angela Guy, SVP of diversity and inclusion at L’Oreal USA, shared how she came to develop a business plan to be her best self and how she uses it to… Read more →