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San Diego Recap: Changemaker Chat with Merrilyn Datta

Merrilyn fell in love with science when she was 7 years old and first saw a cell under a microscope. From there she not only fell in love with molecular biology but gained a passion for how science and technology can improve society. In her 20+ years of experience in the commercialization of technology, she has led businesses and crafted… Read more →

Boston Recap: Changemaker Chat with Dr. Jennifer Childs-Roshak

You may not be able to choose your family, but you can certainly build your own village Here are a few of our favorite take aways from Jennifer’s chat: Get on a path. It doesn’t really matter which path you decide to hop on, so long as you get started down one. As we’ve all heard before, there is no straight path… Read more →

SF Recap: Changemaker Chat with Karen Peacock

“Why postpone what you want to do?” – A Conversation with Karen Peacock  Karen Peacock shared her keys to succeeding both personally and professionally and advised us to reflect on the situations that bring out the best in us, and to seek more of those opportunities. Invest time in friendships. As we discuss the theme of Community this month, one personal… Read more →

London Recap: Changemaker Chat with Sharon Bell

We had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with Sharon Bell, Managing Director and Senior European Equity Strategist at Goldman Sachs True to Changemaker’s mantra, Sharon is a great example of “a woman on her way to changing the world”. She was the first person in her family to attend university, and after graduating with a degree in Economics from… Read more →

DC Recap: Changemaker Chat with Caren Grown

“If not us, then who?” – Caren Grown A few weeks ago, we were fortunate to feature Caren Grown at our Changemaker Chat. Caren’s dedication to building communities and ‘walking the talk’ left us all inspired to do more in our own personal and professional lives. Thank you Caren for sharing your wisdom and experiences with us! Below are some… Read more →

Changemaker U at Cornell Recap: Chat with Lisa Mandelblatt

On November 9th Changemaker Chats launched its first Changemakers U network at Cornell University. The inaugural chat featured a conversation with Lisa Mandelblatt, who is a Democratic Candidate for Congress in the New Jersey 7th district. The chat focused on encouraging students not to be afraid of getting out of their comfort zone and taking risks. Additionally, the conversation touched on the… Read more →

NYC Recap: Changemaker Chat with Bernadette Aulestia

Be Bold and Ask For It: A Conversation with Bernadette Aulestia  Bernadette Aulestia is the mentor we need in our lives. Sitting in the beautiful Hearst Tower, she told us about her professional journey – navigating through corporate politics, building her network of cheerleaders, and what she learned from watching “the dude on the couch getting promoted.” Here are a few of… Read more →

Boulder Recap: Changemaker Chat with Isabel McDevitt

Isabel McDevitt is the Executive Director of Boulder Bridge House. We sat down with her to learn what she does everyday and how she helps others who are experiencing homelessness. Believe In The Power Of The Individual I feel fortunate to have been raised in a family that celebrated confidence. My father was a champion of girls and I have lot… Read more →

London Recap: Changemaker Chat with Doina Harris

Quirky and colourful, Doina Harris started her career in finance and consulting, industries where she didn’t always fit the cultural mould. She later took a chance and moved into technology, an area where she didn’t have any prior experience. Rather than confining yourself to a set industry, Doina passionately believes that you should instead look for companies where you can truly be yourself because these are the places where you… Read more →

San Diego Recap: Changemaker Chat with Kristin Carroll

At the inaugural San Diego based Changemaker Chat, Kristin shared her journey through the advertising, non-profit, and business worlds and showed passion for succeeding in various cultures along the way. Below are a few thoughtful takeaways:  Early goals sometimes come to life years later. After being told by her Mom in high school that she could not be starving artist,… Read more →