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San Diego: Changemaker Chat with Jackie Reed

For the first chat of 2018, we were excited to spend time with Jackie Reed, CEO of TS Restaurants. After over 29 years with the family owned company, Jackie now holds the top spot managing 13 restaurants with over $100 million in revenue annually and 2,400 employees. Jackie gave us a great overview of her journey as well as tips… Read more →

Austin Recap: Changemaker Chat with Stephanie Scherzer

Stephanie Scherzer joined us for our second-ever Changemaker Chat, hosted by Brew & Brew’s Companion Room. The conversation covered the fundamentals of bootstrapping your way to success, entrepreneurial challenges as a woman, and creating a culture of empowerment for every person contributing to and touching your company. We looked at these topics in the areas of Stephanie’s expertise – solving… Read more →

London Recap: Changemaker Chat with Deliciously Ella

A Changemaker Chat with Deliciously Ella A self-proclaimed ‘Haribo and Ben & Jerry’s’ lover, Ella Mills would never have guessed she’d be leading a massively popular food blog and be the head of a retail empire a few years ago. After being diagnosed with Postural Tachycardia Syndrome, Ella embarked on a journey to overhaul her lifestyle and diet in an… Read more →

Las Vegas: Changemaker Chat with Brette Sadler

That’s right, Changemaker Chats is coming to Viva Las Vegas, and who better to kick off our inaugural Chat than a woman who is leading the way in entertainment and sports. Changemaker Chats provides women with intimate, off the record conversations with female leaders. The Chats are designed to help women become who they want to be in the workforce by equipping them with the networks and know-how to… Read more →

San Fran Recap: Changemaker Chat with Obi Felten

Obi Felten joined us last week at the March Changemaker Chat. Obi is Head of getting moonshots ready for contact with the real world at X, Alphabet’s moonshot factory. “Tackle the monkey in the room first,” is a phrase that we may have not known before the March Changemaker Chat, but after the evening with Changemaker Obi Felten, that saying took… Read more →

New York Recap: Changemaker Chat with Collette Smith

Gathered in the “Huddle Cafe” at the NFL’s offices and surrounded by signed memorabilia and Super Bowl champion rings, we got a rare glimpse into what it’s like to shatter the glass ceiling from a true Changemaker. Always an athlete, Collette V. Smith was told she couldn’t play football because she was a woman. At 42, her world changed when she… Read more →

Boston Recap: Changemaker Chat with Madge Meyers

Madge’s LEGACY is simply that anything is possible even when the odds are stacked against you; and that the following lessons can help get you there: In the interview and on the job: focus on the “ABCs”  A is for ATTITUDE, B is for BEHAVIOR, and C is for COMMUNICATION (and also CONFIDENCE!). Madge is a proponent of a firm handshake (falling somewhere between… Read more →

New York: Changemaker Chat with Collette Smith

HERstory in the Making: You’re invited to a Changemaker Chat with Collette V. Smith Our theme this month is LEGACY and we couldn’t think of a better speaker who has challenged the status quo and is leaving a formidable impact on a traditionally male-dominated institution. Please join us with our co-hosts NFL’s Women’s Interactive Network (W.I.N) on March 13th for this special… Read more →

SF: Changemaker Chat with Obi Felten

Let’s talk about legacy and our impact on the world. Join us on March 22, 2018 for a Changemaker Chat with Obi Felten, head of getting moonshots ready for contact with the real world, startup mentor, and angel investor. Diving in to cover a variety of topics, one focus will be this month’s theme – the legacy we hope to leave behind. When: Thursday, March… Read more →

New York Recap: Changemaker Chat with Tara Abrahams

Speak Up and Be Heard  A Changemaker Chat with Tara Abrahams powered by MM.LaFleur Chilly nights in January are made so much better with wine, cheese, and incredibly inspiring women. Oh and fun giveaways help too. That’s what we were working with at our first NYC Changemaker Chat of 2018, and it felt pretty darn good. Chatting with Tara Abrahams,… Read more →