Las Vegas: Changemaker Chat with Brette Sadler

That’s right, Changemaker Chats is coming to Viva Las Vegas, and who better to kick off our inaugural Chat than a woman who is leading the way in entertainment and sports.

Changemaker Chats provides women with intimate, off the record conversations with female leaders. The Chats are designed to help women become who they want to be in the workforce by equipping them with the networks and know-how to drive their careers.  When you’re a changemaker-in-the-making, who better to learn from than those who’ve mastered the art of smashing glass ceilings? Meet Brette Sadler.

Brette Sadler is the Vice President of Partnerships for the UFC.  The UFC hosts the world’s top-ranked mixed and martial arts fighters and holds events worldwide.  In addition to her day job, Brette recently became the President of Women In Sports and Entertainment Las Vegas chapter where she works to build and strengthen a community of women through networking events, mentoring programs and professional development.

So join us, women of Las Vegas, as we dig into Brette’s career journey and chat about what inspires the Changemaker in all of us.


VP of Partnership Activations, UFC

When: Tuesday, April 10th
Where: UFC

Arrival: 6:30 PM
Chat: 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

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About Brette
Brette has always loved sports management and graduated from the University of Miami with a Sports Marketing degree. She launched her career in marketing with NHL’s Florida Panthers.  She had a lot of monumental moments during her twelve year tenure, including making the quarterfinals one year and finals another year where the team almost won the Stanley Cup.  There were some challenging times that Brette faced while with the Panthers. Specifically, when the NHL experienced a lockout from 2004- 2005. Despite the lockout, and with Brette’s creative leadership, her team won the Stanley Cup of business for generating the most revenue when they didn’t host a single game. Ultimately, Brette moved from Florida to Las Vegas and joined the UFC in August of 2011.  Today she manages relationships with companies such as Monster Energy, Legends Hospitality, Miracle Flights, and Modelo. The UFC continues to expand, introducing partnerships with 7-Eleven and Opro.  Brette is also the President of the Las Vegas chapter of Women In Sport and Entertainment and servers on the board of the Animal Foundation.