Austin: Changemaker Chat with Stephanie Scherzer

Honoring Women’s History Month a few days past March, we’d like to share this night together reflecting on legacies. Here at Changemaker Chats, we believe it’s critical to not only look to the legacies of those that have come before us, but to think ahead to the legacies we hope to leave behind. It may seem odd to think of it now, but your legacy is defined by the decisions you make today. And who better to help us explore this topic than Stephanie Scherzer.

Stephanie is not only the Founder and CEO of Farmhouse Delivery, but also the Founder of East Austin’s Rain Lily Farm and an Austin Woman 2017 award winner. We’ll chat about a variety of topics including her experience as a food access advocate (both rural areas and underserved communities in urban food deserts), and learn about food waste, cost of food, and challenges of food distribution, as well as urban farming trends.

Join us as we sit down with Stephanie to discuss the defining moments of her career thus far and to hear how her own legacy continues to develop based on her passions and daily decisions. 

Founder and CEO
Farmhouse Delivery

When: Tuesday, April 3
Where: Brew & Brew – Companion Room
Arrival: 6:30 PM
Tickets: Free. Register here!  






Stephanie works to connect communities with their land, and make local food more accessible. Her love of farming and passion for sustainable living guide Farmhouse Delivery’s mission and its dedicated staff. She moved to Austin in ’93 and has more than 20 years of experience in horticulture – managing John Dromgoole’s The Natural Gardner nursery and working for a design build landscape company. She’s eager to help others cultivate a deeper understanding of where food comes from, and empower them to be a part of the process.

Stephanie and her partner Kim Beal also own and operate Rain Lily Farm, which provides nutritious food for their family, and contributes to Farmhouse Delivery bushels. As a farmer and a mother, Stephanie believes in the benefits of small-scale urban farming, and is a proud and active part of the Austin Urban Farms group. Stephanie graduated from The University of Mississippi with a degree in political science and Spanish.