Boston: Changemaker Chat with Madge Meyers

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’ll be spending March reflecting on legacies. Here at Changemaker Chats, we believe it’s critical to not only look to the legacies of those that have come before us, but to think ahead to the legacies we hope to leave behind. It may seem odd to think of it now, but your legacy is defined by the decisions you make today. And who better to help us explore this topic than a woman who strives to make innovation a part of “business-as-usual”.

Madge M. Meyer is an award-winning author with a unique approach to weaving innovation into the everyday actions of organizations. She helps businesses continually develop and execute new ideas on a daily basis, helping to develop and redefine the actions – and legacies – of both companies and their leadership.

Join us on March 22 as we sit down with Madge to discuss the defining moments of her career thus far and to hear how her own legacy continues to develop based on her passions and daily decisions.

Madge M. Meyer
Founder, Madge Meyer Consulting, LLC

When: Thursday, March 22
Arrival: 6:30 PM
Chat: 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
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About Madge M. Meyer
Madge M. Meyer is an award-winning author, public speaker, and the founder of “Madge Meyer Consulting, LLC”. She is known for her unique, yet practical, award-winning approach to advancing innovation and leadership across organizations.

Madge was the Chief Innovation Officer and Technology Fellow at State Street Corporation, where she served as Executive Vice President for over a decade. During the past year, she represented State Street as a consultant assisting MIT Collaborative Initiatives to bring innovative solutions to problems ranging from global sustainability to health, education, and veterans’ reintegration. Madge believes passionately in making innovation “Business-as-Usual” – to continually develop and implement new ideas and solutions that create business value and increase competitive advantage.